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What, might you ask, is Springfield ready for? It is ready for change! The time has come for a fresh perspective, a fresh set of eyes, a fresh voice to lead Springfield towards a new exciting future on the state level.

For many election cycles, there has been no one to represent a challenge, let alone change, to the existing system. I welcome this challenge and I represent that change.

My name is Ruth Linoz and I am running to be your state representative.




Growing up, I fell in love with Oregon’s mountains, fast flowing rivers, lush valleys and diverse scenery whenever my family traveled from the Midwest and California to visit family in Oregon. Fortunately, decades later after living in California’s metropolitan cities, my own family moved to the Willamette Valley in the mid-1980s to live a slower paced lifestyle that encouraged family life and community involvement.

Living in Lane County allowed me to stay at home to care for and teach my two daughters. When they started school, I volunteered regularly in their classrooms, coached their Kidsports teams, and worked part-time in retail while completing my undergraduate education at Lane Community College.

It was during my career exploration that I discovered a fit for my life experiences and skillset – the community impact of public transportation! When I started as a part-time bus operator, I felt right at home with this opportunity to serve people regardless of income level, education, culture, employment, age, and status who used public transportation for a variety of reasons. It was also unexpected that I would meet and marry a regular bus rider, JD. We’ve been married 23 years.

Through my position as a transit planner and executive director of a rural transit agency, I have seen the direct correlation between the quality and accessibility of public transportation and a community’s economic health and vitality. That is why I have invested my time and expertise to help advance the goals of the citizens, business owners/operators, realtors and community leaders, and to be informed of their needs and challenges.

Often, I choose to serve in a leadership role on committees and action groups because I’m not interested in being a spectator or adding to my resume. Seeing a project completed or to experience successful collaboration that meets a need is its own reward and keeps me motivated to serve.

The list below illustrates the leadership and involvement I believe in as a community volunteer:

Rotary District 5110 Interact Exec. Comm.

Community Stakeholders, City of C.G.
Cottage Grove

Soup Meeting sponsored by So. Lane Sch. Dist.
Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce
Cottage Grove

President, Member
Main Street Cottage Grove Board of Directors
Cottage Grove

President, Treasurer
Beds for Freezing Nights Board of Directors
Cottage Grove

Greeter, Tourism Committee
Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce
Cottage Grove

Treasurer, Member
Rotary Club of Cottage Grove
Cottage Grove

Club Advisor
Rotary Interact Club @ C. G. High School
Cottage Grove
2012-2015, 2018

Secretary & Treasurer
Cottage Grove Community Dev. Corp.
Cottage Grove

REBOOT Recovery Board of Directors
(merged with Branches of Valor based in Eugene) 

Restoration Fellowship Church

Oregon Crafted Board of Directors

Event Coordinator
Western Oregon Women’s Conference
2005 & 2006

Area 31 Governor
Toastmasters International
District 7

Club Officer Roles
Springfield Toastmasters
District 7


First Citizen Award, Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, 2014

Sigma Beta Delta, International Honor Society in Business, Management, and Administration, 2009

American Public Transportation Foundation, Raymond C. Miller Scholarship award, 2008

First Citizens Award for Project Homeless Connect, presented by Mayor Kitty Piercy for helping advance the City Council homeless elimination agenda, 2007

Leadership Eugene-Springfield Graduate, Eugene & Springfield Chambers of Commerce, 2003


As a business leader, I know the importance of supporting workers and employers. My community advocacy experiences will provide a fresh voice to the tough issues facing our city and state. Like many of you, I am an ordinary resident of Springfield, not an experienced politician. What I didn’t realize is that I am qualified to serve at the state level to voice my outrage at the misuse of power by our state leadership that is putting at risk our safety, industries, resources and livelihoods.

I feel fortunate to live in Springfield, so I want to represent my friends and neighbors in Salem that are underrepresented. Also, because of my job in rural Cottage Grove and connections throughout Lane County, I’ll be able to advocate for urban and rural reform as a state representative.

I’m standing up to serve Springfield values and ask that you support Ruth Linoz in each 2020 election.



It’s time to stop environmental policies that don’t respect the rural communities and local businesses that are dependent on natural resources. Policies like Cap & Trade impose crippling costs and restrictions that harm small communities that have been declining for decades and doesn’t support the natural areas for logging that built this state’s economy. One heartbreaking aspect of these policies is the growing trend of a homegrown, homeless population in most communities because of the loss of living wage jobs and minimal community-based resources. Local economies work best with neighbor helping neighbor to enable people to take care of each other independent of government assistance. I will work to reverse the impact of restrictive policies, and I will encourage the implementation of sound market based environmental policies.  


As a business leader educated on sound economic development practices, I have witnessed the richness of community life and admire the legacies of many regional business leaders that improved the quality of life because they were successful in building a business that supported its owner, employees and still had extra to contribute to the needs of its community. I am concerned that the growth of unnecessary regulations and taxes creates bureaucracy instead of helping industries quickly adapt to the evolving business climate and is quickly undermining the vitality of our neighborhoods.  Therefore, I will support measures that encourage economic development and will reduce regulations and taxes so every community can thrive!


All state and local leaders are responsible in every fiscal decision to exercise prudence and to inform taxpayers how their tax dollars are spent and measurable outcomes. A high level of fiscal transparency and accountability should be the norm and consistently align with what lawmakers have promised which is how I will represent your interests in Salem.


Affordable, appropriate housing is critical for a robust community life, yet a state mandated solution may not address specific scenarios. For example, statewide rent control that only Oregon has implemented, severely impacts a builder’s incentive to invest in housing when other projects are more profitable. Instead, let’s capitalize on Springfield’s unique resources, positive development mindset and diverse culture when addressing housing and homeless needs for local win-win results.

As your State Representative, I will fight against the Portland urban agenda that doesn’t care about the needs of Springfield, our families and rural communities.

Better Public-School Choices, Vouchers and Home Schooling

I strongly support education for everyone to improve themselves, be better citizens and to have the knowledge and skills to perform well in the evolving workplace. Also, our kids deserve a quality education that improves graduation rates. We can use school choice to advance our educational system. Schools will progress when put into a position of healthy competition. Consequently, I believe families want instructional style and environment options in order to find what fits their child’s educational needs.

Protect our Constitutional Rights

Not only is the Second Amendment important for hunting, it allows citizens to protect their homes and families. This constitutional right to bear arms is fundamental to our freedom to protect ourselves from any foe, foreign or domestic.  That is why I support the existing firearms ownership laws and regulations and will oppose any required registration.

Improve Access to Healthcare

Recent challenges with COVID-19 revealed that our current healthcare system isn’t prepared to handle large scale health problems. This can’t be ignored in the development of affordable health insurance plans and improving access to healthcare providers. So, I will investigate the issues and support improvements to how the healthcare system prepares for various disasters.

Another issue that needs attention is providing coverage for pre-existing conditions. Because many individuals have pre-existing health issues that make it hard to qualify for insurance or receive care in a timely manner, I’ll work with insurers to include this coverage in their plan options.

Safe Neighborhoods and Communities

I’ll work to provide law enforcement with the support and tools that they need to do their jobs that make our neighborhoods safe places to live, work, play, shop and learn. Community support needs to be extended to military personnel and veterans who are important members of our families and nation.

Local Solutions for Housing and the Homeless

Affordable, appropriate housing is critical for a robust community life, yet a state mandated solution may not address specific scenarios. For example, statewide rent control that only Oregon has implemented, severely impacts a builder’s incentive to invest in housing when other projects are more profitable. Instead, let’s capitalize on Springfield’s unique resources, positive development mindset and diverse culture when addressing housing and homeless needs for local win-win results.


Thank you for your interest in getting involved in my campaign for State Representative.  I need all available help as winning won’t be easy and will take a lot of hard work.

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